SS22 coming soon

Aries is a luxury streetwear brand with integrity and authority, founded by creative director Sofia Prantera, graphic designer Fergus Purcell and Slam Jam owner Luca Benini. Aries was born out of an abiding love for streetwear, trash culture, and fringe art and illustration. But it also reflects Sofia's training at Central Saint Martin's and her fascination with hand-dyeing, printing, and making hand-finished garments. Aries is subversive in its attitude, punk in its approach, but ambitious and commercial in its product and potential.

For the moment, the brand is mainly collaborating with other streetwear brands. You will find many collaborations with Vans, Eastpak, and Umbro. But Aries also has its own collections.

Sofia Prantera and her team also place great importance on gender equality. On the Aries website, for example, you'll find a separate category for men and women, but always with a focus on unisex. And you'll find a separate section with the "Don't Care" collection, entirely gender-focused and unisex.

SS22 collection

In the SS22 collection, Aries returns to itself. No collaborations this time, but an authentic line with everything Aries is known for. Aiming to merge the worlds of streetwear and high-end fashion, the collection is built around themes drawn from a vast list of influences from the 80s and 90s when fashion was arguably at one of its most volatile states. Encompassing everything from skateboarding subculture to the rave scene to cyberpunk, Aries prides itself on its ability to subvert norms and break established boundaries in the world of clothing. 

With classic streetwear tropes such as bold graphics and relaxed cuts sitting alongside delicate hand-finished details and custom pattern cutting, the brand captures still images from fashion history and reinterprets them with the quality expected of luxury brands.