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The American brand Autry Action was founded in 1982 in Dallas, Texas. The "American flag shoe" quickly gained notoriety through innovations in design and technique. Autry Action's strategy was to develop a range of sports shoes for specific sports: tennis, running, and aerobics. Through significant marketing investments and campaigns in major sports and lifestyle magazines, the brand became well known within a few years and one of the best-selling athletic shoe brands in North America. In 1985, the "Medalist" was ranked the best shoe on the market by Tennis Magazine. Two years later, Autry is back in the news: The "Jetstreamers" received a 5-star rating from Runner's World magazine.

Autry Action sneakers have a timeless and iconic look. The brand has several classic silhouettes that have made a comeback. The premium white leather (and suede) sneakers have a minimalist design and feature a thicker sole. The white color still predominates, but it is also often broken up with different color accents on smaller parts of the shoe. The designs remain different, but they create a cohesive whole that characterizes Autry.

"Dunks are dead, long live sneakers that look like them but aren't really Dunks". With this quote, Autry underscores in one sentence the goal of its footwear for the 2022 season: An innovative line of footwear and apparel created with a classic '80s sports mindset. The American flag shoes now offer a growing range of styles and a wide choice of materials and colors, based on their most iconic Medalist tennis shoe.