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In 1976, skateboarding was undergoing transformations that would forever shape the sport and its culture. Skateparks were springing up in the United States and the invention of urethane wheels opened the door to new tricks and innovative techniques.

With the rise of this subcultural revolution, Vision Street Wear was born. With an ever-growing presence on the nation's green ramps, Vision Street Wear quickly became the brand of choice for the sport's most influential athletes.
Tapping into the authentic skate scene, Vision Street Wear represented some of the most well-known skateboarders of the time, including Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, Tas Pappas, Duane Peters, and Mark Rogowski.

During the early years of Vision Street Wear, only skateboards were made. Boards that quickly became famous, so much so that the world's greatest quickly wanted a "Vision Sports" board. In the mid 80's Vision Sports took advantage of the brand's popularity to launch a clothing line: Vision Street Wear.

In the meantime, Vision Street Wear has become an indispensable part of the skateboarding scene. But 2021 proved to be an intense year for the brand. Vision Street Wear took New Balance to court accusing the brand of infringement following its collaboration with Jaden Smith and his "vision line". The designs and symbols used in the collection would look too much like the trademarks of Vision Street Wear. The case is ongoing.

The same year, to celebrate its 45th anniversary, the brand went back in time with a collection of clothing inspired by the early years of what was then Vision Sports.