Did you know that 85 million trees are felled every year to make textiles and that 30% of these are endangered forests? Or did you know that to produce one pair of jeans, you easily waste between 7.000 and 8.000 liters of water… All shocking figures, so it’s time for everyone to become aware of the problem.

Today April 22, it’s earth day, an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. We really would like to increase the awareness on environmentally friendly clothing & footwear. That’s why today we would like to put the focus on our sustainable pieces.

As a multi-brand store, we have several brands that are consciously working on producing sustainable clothing. But we’re also trying to do our bit and do the same with some of our private labels. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to some of our brands that are focused on sustainability. Find out what we can offer you!

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard is the first brand we would like to present to you. All their garments are made from 100% organic cotton, which means cotton that’s grown without genetically modified seeds. 

Their goal is for customers to buy less but buy better products that they will carry on wearing for years.


Another brand that is also engaged in sustainability is Cossac. They offer feminine and timeless clothes honed with a sustainable ethos. They want to focus on less, but better. 

They use materials like 100% woven tencel, organic cotton, ecovero viscose, and so on. On top of that, all their hang-tags and boxes are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable.


VEJA is the third eco-friendly brand we would like to discuss. In 2019, they launched their first model made of C.W.L, which is a vegan alternative to leather. It’s made of organic cotton canvas coated with corn starch & ricinus oil. 

But VEJA also recycles plastic bottles to turn them into alternative materials to give waste a second life. Their running shoes are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. On top of that, their boxes are also made out of recycled cardboard. They don’t contain glue and limit the use of ink, thus facilitating recycling.


We mentioned earlier that we also try to take sustainability into consideration with some of our private labels. Fiamme is one of our private labels and the SS21 collection is a colorful collection to bring hope and joy to our daily lives. 

Some of our sneakers and boots are also sustainable and made of vegan leather. In this way, we try to make our customers more aware of alternatives that are more environmentally friendly.

You can shop all our sustainable brands & styles here!
Team Monar