Filling Pieces 683 

Their journey towards sustainability

683, what does it stand for? 

Well, the number 683 comes from €6,83. This is the total additional cost to produce a more responsible shoe…

Filling Pieces wants to be more responsible, that’s the reason why their shoes are made of recycled and organic materials. Below, you have an overview of the additional costs for a responsible shoe that’s better for the world and better for you.

They know that the greatest environmental impact is directly related to their product, the use of leather, rubber, packaging materials and distribution. Filling Pieces therefore tries to do its best and contribute to this.

Filling Pieces’ 683 products are created using sustainable alternatives and their goal is for these eco-friendly methods to be implemented in their entire collection. Filling Pieces is one of the first to use Dutch organic hides and they also use metal-free tanning to color these hides.

All their footwear is produced in Portugal. Their materials are sourced with quality and responsibility in mind. The brand its mission is to create a luxury experience for a fair price while using only the best of materials.

Now you know a little bit more about this brand and what they stand for. So it’s time to take good care of YOUR Filling Pieces! You can extend the life of your Filling Pieces sneakers by caring for them. Never forget that!

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Team Monar